Short-Term Financial Recommendations

  • Provide short-term financial recommendations to impact business problems
  • Analysis of the existing business model to offer quick improvements to current operations

Turn Around Services

  • Provide analysis of what it would take to successfully turn around a business in distress
  • Provide various management level individuals to assist in the turn around process

Sustainability Analysis

  • Analysis of the likelihood of an entity to be able to successfully reverse a poor performance trend and to regain the confidence of investors and / or lenders
  • Provide long-term recommendations based on the growth or contraction of the business to improve profitability
  • An honest recommendation to terminate the business when in fact it's necessary

Forensic Detection Services

  • Provide Forensic Accounting services to detect the presence of fraud
  • To provide documentation necessary for the prosecution of the individual committing the fraud

Forensic Deterrence Services

  • Provide assistance to management in creating an anti-fraud culture in the company
  • Assist in creating and implementing an anti-fraud policy for all employees to follow
  • Analysis of current practices to improve company financial integrity

Internal Control Improvements

  • Review existing internal controls in practice to determine where controls are inadequate
  • Create best practices for internal controls to optimize information utilized in the financial records

Decision Process With Regard To System Changes

  • Assist with decision process for implementation of system changes
  • Provide experienced individuals to assist in the implementation of information technology system changes

Software solution training

  • Offer training to clients in a variety of solution packages